Brocade Masterpiece Umbrellas

Fukui, and indeed Japan, is home to a number of textile weaving techniques, each leading to a uniquely beautiful umbrella. These durable yet brilliant fabrics are all expressive in their own ways. From their comfortable handles to their ultra-lightweight carbon ribs, these umbrellas are designed to minimize any hand stress for the most pleasant umbrella experience possible.

Hakata Weave Umbrellas

Umbrellas made with a reproduction of a famous traditional fabric weave. The bright colors create a feel that combines East and West, letting the fabric itself — not merely a printed design — truly shine.

Checkered Umbrellas

Umbrellas made with reproduced Koshu Weave fabric. The understated color scheme and sturdy 16-ribbed construction give this umbrella a confidently refined, gentlemanly feel.

Rose and Marguerite Umbrellas

Made from the same type of fabric used to make wedding dresses, for a beautifully distinct look. The three-dimensionality of the design is simply unachievable with prints, emphasizing the beauty of the fabric when the umbrella is taken in hand.

Chintz Umbrellas

These umbrellas feature fabric made the same way as thick-woven satin damask, giving them an air of delicacy. The fabric shines differently depending on the angle it’s viewed from, and these faces shine likewise from the person holding it.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Umbrellas

The lavishly integrated silver threads shine throughout fabric made for evening dresses, giving this umbrella a gorgeous grace and beauty.

Hogushi Weave Umbrellas

Densely woven from exceptionally thin threads, this pongee fabric has unmatched give and gloss, making for a very persuasive umbrella. The interior and exterior of the canopy feature different colors. Also available as a compact umbrella.

Ripple Pattern Umbrellas

This design was the winner of Fukui Yougasa’s first annual design contest.
The handle, tips, and ferrule all feature a water motif, while the fabric is made to suggest the simple, elegant beauty of a drop of water, giving this umbrella a thorough sense of rippling water.

Teddy Bear (for children)

The handle features a cute bear with arms and legs that children can pose themselves. This light, sturdy umbrella also features a Safety Stopper to help keep little fingers from getting pinched.
When your child grows up, it could make a fun parasol for mom, as well.