Premium Traditional Umbrellas

Made from Japan’s world-famous dyed fabrics, these exceptional umbrellas show the incredible attention to detail that could only be achieved through the highly trained skills of craftsmen throughout all of Japan. Their competition with each other, combined with modern technology, leads to umbrellas that must be seen to be believed.

Oshima Pongee Umbrellas

Made with a genuine Amami Oshima pongee canopy; the exquisite attention to detail extends to the handle, tube, strap, tips, and all throughout.

Fuji Pongee Umbrellas

Pongee woven in Fuji is known for its beautiful colors, shimmering like scarabs. When the light hits it, it shines with a shower of colors.

Illustrated Umbrellas

The umbrella’s canopy is illustrated by a yuzen fabric dyeing master, reflecting another world in the fabric.
Whether you want a beautiful nature scene or your name written in a fun way, we can make just the thing for you.

Kyoto Mud Umbrellas

The mud of Kyoto is well known throughout Japan for its deep, rich blackness. This dyeing process means that these umbrellas will age gracefully — through use, their color will change over time to take on the natural earth tones reminiscent of soil.

Family Crest Umbrellas

A beautifully dignified umbrella with your family crest, perfectly suited to every formal occasion from weddings to funerals.

Point Carving and Gold Inlays

Kawada lacquerware’s famous point carving. Wajima lacquerware’s famous gold inlays.
The uncompromising efforts of top-rate craftsmen culminate in a powerful finished result that is sure to stand the tests of time.