Compact Rain or Shine Umbrellas

Not too small when opened, and featuring an unparalleled number of ribs for sturdiness not often seen in compact umbrellas. The 100% genuine silk gives the fabric a wonderfully pliable feel, and the delightful designs make these compact umbrellas perfect to bring along on sunny and rainy days alike.

Splash Print Compact Umbrellas

The soft highlights on a refreshing colored background give this print a gentle, feminine feel.

Batik Print Compact Umbrellas

The gorgeously detailed print is beautiful on its own, and in sunlight, it almost looks like stained glass on the inside.

Natsume Cool Compact Rain or Shine Parasols

Made with fabric that has ceramic particles woven in, cutting UV rays by 99.8% and absorbing heat to help keep you cool on hot, sunny days. The inside of the canopy features a negative-ionized coating, as well.


The handle is a small part of an umbrella that has a big impact on the impression it gives, whether it’s a fun design to tickle your fancy or a natural design to show off the material.