The Lexus Collection

At Fukui Yougasa, we want to meet each and every one of our customers’ desires. We realized that our business philosophy was no different from the philosophy driving the luxury automotive brand Lexus, and thus a collaboration was born.

Our Nurenza waterproof umbrellas are as beloved by cars as by the people riding in them — on rainy days, a Nurenza umbrella can simply be tossed onto a car seat, confident in the knowledge that it won’t get the interior wet.

The Nurenza Lexus Collection umbrellas’ tips and ferrules are likewise made from car interior-friendly wood: the finishing touch on the perfect umbrella for your Lexus.

Available at Lexus dealers throughout Japan.
Available in limited edition Lexus-only colors.

  • レクサスコレクション「ヌレンザ」画像1
  • レクサスコレクション「ヌレンザ」画像2
  • レクサスコレクション「ヌレンザ」画像3