Nurenza: Umbrellas that Stay Dry (available in 12 colors)

The Nurenza umbrella was developed based on the many comments we heard at the Fukui Chamber of Commerce’s “Complaints Exhibition” — when getting in cars or on trains, the accumulated raindrops on umbrellas wind up making their users’ clothes or shoes wet.
The secret to fabric that resists and deflects water, even as it’s being rained on, is in the high-density polyester fabric we helped the maker to develop. After coming up with the groundbreaking idea to not just use a waterproof coating, but to use fabric that is itself waterproof, we produced our first of these waterproof umbrellas a year later. With our Nurenza umbrellas, we now offer just the thing for our customers concerned about wet umbrellas — a single shake is all it takes to dry it off.

N1 茶

N2 くちなし

N3 もえぎ

N4 すみれ

N5 銀ねず

N6 うすくれない

N7 黒

N8 ベージュ

N9 つつじ

N10 ききょう

N11 ボルドー

N12 赤