Privacy Policy

At Fukui Yougasa, K.K. (hereafter “Fukui Yougasa”), we take protection of our customers’ privacy very seriously. Any personal customer data collected on the Fukui Yougasa official web site (hereafter “this web site”) will be used and protected as detailed below. Thank you for reading our privacy policy; we appreciate your understanding.

Our Guidelines

Your privacy is protected in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan, written and introduced in May of 2003, with full enforcement beginning as of April 1, 2005. The aim of the Personal Information Protection Law is to always protect the rights and interests of individuals, while simultaneously preserving the utility of personal information. Fukui Yougasa recognizes that proper use of the personal information that this law applies to is absolutely critical for any person or organization entrusted with said personal information.

Regarding Personal Information Provided by Customers

Use of the services provided by this web site may entail personal data being provided by customers. (Primarily optional, voluntary use of services such as the “Contact Us” form.)
The personal information provided, including customers’ names, email addresses, telephone numbers, street addresses, etc., is necessary for use of some of the services provided by this web site. This information is, fundamentally, used in order to be able to respond to repair inquiries and requests. Additionally, information other than that described above may be requested through questionnaires, etc. for the purpose of increasing the ease of use of this web site; in those cases, any personal information requests will be completely optional and voluntary. Furthermore, Fukui Yougasa will never alter customers’ personal information without their consent.
Depending on the type of service being provided by this web site, information provided by customers may be shared with third parties; we appreciate customers’ cooperation and understanding in this. For example: providing a shipping company with a customer’s name and address for the purposes of delivery service.
At Fukui Yougasa, we take all reasonable and necessary precautions with customers’ personal information at all times, including when sharing it with third parties. We work with third parties to protect customers’ privacy as much as possible through contracts that ensure that said third parties will protect customers’ sensitive information (such as address and phone number).

Customer Consent

In the event that Fukui Yougasa revises the above privacy policy, all revisions will be posted on this web site. Additionally, all Fukui Yougasa services are provided based on an implicit expectation of customer consent to the above privacy policy; we appreciate your understanding.